The North Augusta Bin Store offers a constantly changing inventory of returned products from Amazon and other retailers. The re-imagined shopping experience includes high-quality products and bargain basement prices.

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The Bin Store North Augusta and Michael Prendamano are pleased to announce that the store adds truckloads of inventory each week. The North Augusta store is one of two in South CarolinaAmazon return pallets unboxing products are from one of the merchants that participate in the stores. The public can check out the bargains to collect profitable products for home use or resale. Shopping at the bin store is a great way to find bargains, but customers should come early to find the items that have been added to the sales bins.

More and more people are looking for ways to earn extra money, or even to go full-time by reselling bin store items on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and other places. The ability to buy low and sell at a higher price is the essence of capitalism. Even if buyers are not looking for a resale opportunity, there are items to be found in the sale bins.

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The pricing model is simple. When the pallets of new products are delivered, the price is $6. Each day, the standard price drops by one dollar. Shoppers can check out the delivery and take advantage of the large selection or wait a day or two for even more savings. New products are delivered every week and the daily prices never change. There is no confusion and no pricing gimmicks.

The Bin Store doesn’t have a membership fee, and there are thousands of products available each week. Everything goes into the bins and everything is sold at the sales price for the day.  On Restock Day, customers can purchase any items in the bins for $6. Categories of items for sale include video games, home décor, electronics, cosmetics, tools, and toys.

About the Company:

The Bin Store North Augusta offers bargain prices on thousands of items each week. Everything in the inventory is sold at the same price, depending on the day. Thursday is the lowest day in the cycle when the cost is $1.

The Bin Store

The Bin Store North Augusta
401 W Martintown Rd Suite 121
North Augusta, SC 29841

The Bin Store Columbia
2814 Augusta Road
West Columbia 29170

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Media Contact

Company Name:
The Bin Store
Contact Person:
Michael Prendamano
(803) 507-5982
401 W Martintown Rd Suite 121
North Augusta
SC 29841
United States
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